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The Iris
Phone Lens

Best Phone Lenses on Planet Earth

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3 Lens Set

(Wide, Fisheye and Macro)

(Includes Case Adapter)

$109 $69.99

Case Adapter

(iPhone 7 and 7 Plus)

(Pack of 2)


Your Secret Weapon
Against Boring Photos

"The Iris Lens will definitely up your iPhone photo game, but the best part is the clever mounting system that slides over your case."


Our mount system fits over the thickest and thinnest of cases.

(Excluding waterproof and battery cases.)

Vacuum-deposited anti-glare coating.

Lets in only the light you want, no lens flares!

Diamond-polished glass elements.

We polish each glass element inside your Iris with rare earth compounds to maximize light transmission.

High precision robotic lathe-cut aluminum.

Your Iris lens is precision-milled ensuring perfect alignment for every glass component.

Glass synthesized by the same factory as Leica, Canon, and Nikon.

A lens is only as good as its glass, and we used the best glass available for Iris.

Do things an app can’t do with a
Wide, Macro and Fisheye lens.

  • Wide

    Get twice the people in every group selfie! (Also great for epic landscapes, cityscapes, and interiors.)

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  • Fisheye

    Put your world in a super-wide angle bubble. It’s great for video, unique portraits and capturing lines and angles that pop.

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  • Macro

    Get EXTREMELY close. Bokeh backgrounds, tiny toy dinosaur movies, the fibers in a line of ink, gross eyeballs. The Macro lens takes in the smallest of details with an extreme close-up.

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