The Best Gifts for
iPod Photographers

A studio in your pocket!

Phoneography Starter Kit

Everything a budding phoneographer needs in one adorably giftable pouch. More →

The Muku Wireless Shutter Remote

Take photos on your Android or iPhone from up to 30 feet away. More →

Instagram #Necklaces

Wear Instagram around your neck. More →

Projecteo Instagram Projector

A magically mini projector with slides custom-made from your Instagrams. More →

Photo App Pins

Pin your favorite app to your bag, hat or friend. More →

The Handleband Bike Mount

A sturdy silicone and aluminum smartphone mount for your bike. More →

Phone-o-Chrome Color Filter

A credit card-sized filter that adds dreamy gradients to your phone photos. More →

The Bolt Charger

What if your phone charger could charge you up without an outlet?! DONE! More →

Photojojo's Phone Lenses
(2 NEW kinds!)

Pro-quality glass lenses that work on any phone. iPhone, Android, iPads, iPods, and more! More →

Macro Cell Lens Band

Shockingly detailed phone shots at the snap of a band! More →

Sony QX10 & QX100 Smart Lens for iPhone/Android

Give your phone superpowers with razor-sharp optics and a sensor four times the size! More →

The Mobislyder

A portable and affordable cinema track for your Phone that adds cinematic flair to your IG and Vine vids. More →

The Keyprop

The lightest, most portable smartphone stand yet. More →

The Smartphone Spy Lens

A 90° periscoping lens that lets you take photos on the sly. More →

The Pocket Spotlight

A continuous light source that fits in the palm of your hand. More →

ChargeCard & ChargeKey

A USB charging cable that fits in your wallet or on your keychain is always there when you need it. More →


Turn your phone, pad, or pod into an intelligent remote trigger for your camera. More →

Eye-Fi Wireless SD Card

New Eye-Fi Mobi and Pro SD cards send photos from your camera to your phone or computer, wirelessly. More →

The Lomography Smartphone Film Scanner

A simple way to scan 35mm film directly to your smartphone. More →

The Kick iPhone Light Studio

An app-controlled LED light bank that fits in your pocket. Dial up any color under the sun! More →

The Crankerator

A backup battery with a you-powered generator for emergencies! More →

Macro Cell Lens Band

Shockingly detailed phone shots at the snap of a band! More →

Polarizing Clip On Filter

A polarizing filter thats slips on and off of your phonecam More →

The iPhone Shutter Grip

Adds a friendly grip and a big red shutter button to further your phone on its quest to camera-dom. More →

The iPhone Boom Mic

A compact mic for iPhone video recording that sounds as good as it looks. More →

The iPhone Shutter Remote

Trigger your iPhone camera to shoot stills and video from up to 30 feet away! More →

iPhone Viewfinder

Screen out pesky distractions with this eyepiece for your iPhone More →

Gorillapod Mobile

The bendy sturdy Gorillapod tripod and your phone, together at last! More →

The Camalapse

A rotating stand that helps you take pro-quality 360° timelapse videos. More →

Clip-on Cell Lens

Phoneography lenses that add neat effects and slip easily on and off of any phone More →

Tiltpod Mobile

A keychain tripod you can't leave home without. More →

The iPhone Swivl

The iPhone Swivl: Your Own Personal Camera Crew More →

The Keychain iPhone Charger

A small, lightweight backup battery that fits on your keychain! More →

Jelly Camera Phone Filters

Three reusable sticky lenses that make your camera phone photos even nuttier. More →

Most Popular Gifts (for Anyone)

Canon Camera Lens Mugs

A Canon zoom and telephoto lens that are actually coffee mugs. Need we say more? More →

Nikon Camera Lens Mugs

Nikon lens mugs! A Telephoto thermos and a zoomable travel cup for the photog on the go. More →

The Tattly Camera Tattoo Set

Decorate yourself in 8 camera-themed temporary tattoos. More →

Instax Mini 8 Camera

Make sharp, saturated, credit card-sized photos that develop instantly! More →

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