Photojojo + Big Sur

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Our Big Sur Adventure... To ready our shop for summer, we decided to test out some camping-friendly photo gear.

So, we grabbed up the gear, s'more supplies, a few friends and headed down the coast.

Big Sur is just a couple hours drive south of the big city (San Francisco, our lovely home).

But, our shutter fingers just wouldn't let us make the trip down the California coast in one straight shot. We had to stop for ... a photo-op of course!

We pulled over at the beautiful Bixby Bridge where Margo pulled out the Polaroid for an epic band photo.

No, we're not a band. But if only we had an ounce of musical talent between us, we'd make a darn good looking band).

Just a bit farther down the coast we pulled into Fernwood campground, our home for the next two days.

Site number 61 is right by the river, and boy-oh-boy isn't she a stunner?

We set up our tents in a jiffy (giffy?). Our pals at Alite lent us some gear, so we were livin' in style.

Shelby seemed to have the only cell-service around, so we had him act as an antenna to share the wealth.

You can't take a pack of photographers into such a photogenic setting and not expect them to go to any length to get an Instagram up onto their stream.

Speaking of streams ... we grabbed our waterproof DryZone Duffle and headed to the river to test it out and shoot some photos of the bag in action.

It sure does keep your gear dry, but it won't make the water any warmer. Brrrrr.

Margo took out the ol' Land Camera. While Laurel practiced tips from our Selfie Help Book.

Next, we hiked up the Big Sur River Gorge. It was gorge-ous.

We took a lot of photos along the way.

Carola sported the colorful Spring Break Strap and some amazing golden kicks.

Did we mention we took a LOT of photos?

We followed the trail along the river, and at one point had to cross a barely-there bridge of logs and rocks to get to the trail on the other side.

We made it! Three cameras, three iPhones and four mostly dry sneakers.

We tested the gripping power of the Gorillapod Mobile.

Holds onto a twig like it ain't no thang? Check.

When we got back, it was time to build a fire and pose for some pre-dinner portraits.

All that wood splitting may have done something strange to Shelby.

We threw our favorite camping products into one scene to shoot a photo for the camping edition of the Photojojo Newsletter. Newsletter?! Sounds cool! *Queue shameless plug* Subscribe here!.

Nom nom. Photoshoots can be delicious (when marshmallows are involved).

When the sun dropped, Carola breathed life into the fire and we cooked up some dogs.

We used glow sticks and a long exposure to do a little light painting before bed.

Rise and shine!

We fired up the Power Pot to charge our phones and boil water for our oatmeal breakfast.

Even the cute pup from the campsite next door wanted some haulin' oats.

That morning we swapped out some friends. Melanie, Bradley, & Marty showed up with bacon, eggs, coffee, and Moxie, Melanie's super cute dog.

Cooking over a fire is great and all, but now we're cooking with gas (and more coffee!).

Marty did some photo-assisting while Margo did some photo-ing.

Then it was back to the river for one more photoshoot before heading out.

It was so cold, but worth it for Moxie selfies.

Once we had packed up our sweet little campsite, we headed north on Highway One.

Not quite ready for the adventure to end, we stopped at the beach for a little lunch.

We followed a small trail down from the highway and found a cove to protect us from the wind.

We soaked up the sun and snapped more polaroids of each other.

Moxie insisted we take photos of her in her new shades.

Then it was time to head back over the bluffs to the car.

... after we took just a few more photos.

We headed for home. So happy. So tired.

And, so excited to share all the camping-friendly photo gear we discovered with you all in the Photojojo Shop.

Thanks for the great weekend, Big Sur! We'll be back soon.

xoxo, Photojojo