Quick version → We're writing an awesome photo projects book here in San Francisco.
We need nice-looking people and cool apartments to be in the book. Can you help?
San Francisco,
You can be in our book!


We're working on a kick-ass book of fun photo projects based on our site, Photojojo. The book comes out next year and is being published by Random House. It'll be available in fine bookstores far and wide.

To help illustrate our pretty projects and fun photo ideas, we need some cute people and cool apartments to serve as models and backdrops.

That's where you come in. If you or your place fit the criteria here, drop us a line! We'd love to put you in our book, get you a free copy, and make you book-famous! :)

Write to us!

p.s. We're also looking for an occasional photo assistant over the next month or two. Must be in San Francisco, have prior photo experience, crafting know-how, and be available on short notice. It helps if you know a bit about lighting, are fun to be around, smell good, etc. ;-) Email to apply!


What we're looking for...

People (You don't need to fit all these criteria. Just some!)

  • need both male & female
  • nice hands
  • youngish (20-40)
  • stylish, cute
  • any & all colors & ethnicities
  • need at least one kid (s/he'll be safe. you can supervise. :))

Apartments or Offices

  • places with good light
  • places with good style
  • a nice kitchen
  • one place we can put holes in the wall (We can patch 'em up)
  • one place where we can paint
  • looks cool but affordable
  • preferably available during the week