Time to do something with
all those photos you’re taking.

In The Photojojo Book you'll learn how to...

Bake Photo Cupcakes, Construct a Photo Mural, Make a Photo Chandelier, Make (temporary) Photo Tattoos, Attach a camera to your dog, Break the Ice at Parties with Your Camera, Make a Tripod from a Bottlecap, Make your own Snow Globes and Photo Ornaments, Make a photo messenger bag, wallet, and laptop sleeve, Turn your SLR into a pinhole camera, Create a Photo Time Capsule, Take Fearless Photos of Strangers, Paint with Light, Get out of a Photo rut, Make a Photo Rubik's Cube, Turn a book (or a lamp! or eyeglasses!) into a photo frame, spend five bucks for a fisheye lens ...and much, much more!


Dear friends,

After 3 years, we figured it was about time we started on those memoirs...

The Photojojo Book is here!

Our most popular photo projects (all souped up), tons of new ones, plus the best projects from the most talented folks we know.

Altogether, 50 Amazing photo projects, DIY ideas, and camera hacks that anyone can do. We hope you love it. :D


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