Zigzag Camera Strap

A colorful camera strap for the flashy photographer


Zigzag Camera Strap

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    Can we all agree that fireworks are awesome? You get to watch things explode and look at pretty colors. Why doesn't everything do that?

    It doesn't blow up, but the Zigzag Camera Strap is at least as colorful as fireworks. Boom!

    Handmade in Hong Kong, the Zigzag Camera Strap's bright pattern makes it a jaunty addition to any photographer's ensemble, but it's not just pretty.

    Pow! Its entire length is padded for maximum comfort, which is good, because -- kaboom! -- it's been tested to hold up to 121 pounds. That makes it strong enough for just about any camera, but if you get tired of carrying something that heavy, its quick-release buckles can help you drop it like ... well, you know.

    Are you looking for a comfy strap that can carry any camera and make your outfit pop at the same time? The Zigzag Camera Strap's got you covered.

    • Handmade in Hong Kong
    • Padded for maximum comfort
    • Has quick-release buckles on both ends
    • Can hold up to 121 pounds(!!!)
    • A standout addition to any wardrobe
    • It's an adjustable 44 to 54 inches long

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