Photojojo's Wood Camera iPhone Case

Classic sustainable style for your high-tech iPhone.


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  • description

    Let’s face it: taking photos with your old-school camera felt cool in a way that pulling your iPhone out of your pocket never will.

    Unless your iPhone has a stylin' wooden case that looks just like your favorite camera!

    The Wood Camera iPhone Case uses the natural sheen of wood to fancify your phone and an old-school camera engraving to up your photo-taking cred.

    Each case is surface engraved using lasers! (No decals here.) The result: a sleek wooden base with a carving so intricate that your fingertips will be convinced they're holding a real camera.

    Each case is lined with a thin felt pad to cushion your shiny glass phone. The case slides on in two parts over each end of your phone.

    The walnut wood was chosen specifically for their sustainability. The plastic of your old case? Not so much.

    Works Great With...
    • Made of real Walnut wood
    • Classic camera look for your iPhone
    • Sustainable; no endangered or tropical woods used
    • Inner felt pad absorbs shock
    • Weighs only 22g -- less than a plastic case!
    • Designed by our friends at SigniCase in Hong Kong
  • FAQ

    How do you put it on?

    The case comes in 2 sections that slide over each end of your iPhone. The 2 sections securely snap together at the center.

    Will this fit my iPhone 3G, iPhone 5c, iPod or Android?

    This case is made for the iPhone 5/5s, 6/6s, or 6/6s Plus ... so no, it won't.

    Can I still use the charger, volume, and camera flash with this case?

    Yes! Since it's designed specially for the iPhone, there are openings for all of the iPhone's features. You can charge your phone with the case on, and there are also openings for the volume button, the headphone jack, power button, and the camera flash.

    How durable is it?

    These woods are especially durable. Nature's kind of awesome that way. They won't scratch or chip with wear!

    How is it sustainable?

    Unlike plastic, it will one day return back to the earth without hurting it (because it's made of natural material!). Plus, it's made from walnut trees, which grow rapidly and remain far from being endangered.

    What if I drop it?

    Like the glass on your iPhone you've got a 50/50 chance of this case breaking when you drop it. Depends on whether or not you hit that sweet spot. Your glass will be safe, but the wood might scratch chip or break. Be careful, this case is not impact resistant.

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