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USB cables so small they're always there when you need 'em and out of the way when you don't.


Micro USB

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ChargeKey, Micro USB - Android

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Chargecard- iPhone 4/4S
30-pin adapter

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    You've got a wallet full of cards that'll get you cash, library books, that tenth sandwich for free ... and pockets full of keys to get you into houses, mailboxes and diaries. But we've got pockets and wallets full of power. Real power.

    We're toting ChargeCards and ChargeKeys, USB charging cables for iPod, iPhone or Android phones that fit in your wallet or on your key ring!

    They replace the charging cable that came with your phone, but are the exact same size as a credit card or house key.

    No more keeping a spare cables in the car and at the office. No more dead phone at your pal's house because all their cables are for the wrong phone.

    With a ChargeThing by your side, you’ll have the only cable you need, wherever you go, and no more piles of cable s'ghetti at the bottom of your camera bag.

    Move over blockbuster membership card (wait, you still have one of those??) Buh-bye key to a long lost bike lock -- it's time to make room for new life changing, or uh, life charging cards and keys.

    Works Great With...
    • Keep your charging cable in your wallet or on your key ring so it's always with you!
    • ChargeCard is the same size as a credit card
    • ChargeKey is house key sized
    • No more cable or cord clutter
    • Durable plastic bends but won't break
    • Syncs just as quickly as your current cable at USB 2.0 speeds
    • Android versions work with any Micro USB charging device
    • Designed and made in California, a Kickstarter success story!

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