Touch Tonic (for Gloves)!

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Touch Tonic (for Gloves)!

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    Cutting off the fingertips of your gloves just so you could use your phone was a mistake.

    Keep your favorite gloves intact AND give them the touchscreen power you need with Touch Tonic, a paint-on solution for your cozy fabric-covered fingertips.

    Turn any glove into a high-tech accessory when you apply the liquid to your glove's fingertips and let dry. Use your phone all day to shoot pics, edit in apps, and send texts without ever removing your gloves.

    Wear your black leather gloves for a fashionable night out without losing touch with your phone when you paint on the Tonic for leather and thick materials. Choose the Tonic for fleeces and fabrics and you'll be able to use your fave soft gloves or even those mittens your grandma knit for you!

    The Touch Tonic will work like magic and keep those fingertips warm and cozy while you stay connected.

    • Use your phone in cold weather with gloves you already have!
    • Turn any gloves into a high tech accessory
    • Keep your own personal style
    • Shake, apply, and dry!
    • Each application lasts several weeks to months
    • Totally washable and easy to re-apply
    • A Word of Warning: Touch Tonic is not totally clear. We recommend you use it on dark gloves to avoid discoloration.

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