Tilt-Shift Camera

Point & shoot ease plus miniature-effect radness

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    Tilt-shift apps are rad, but the real thing is so much better. Too bad lenses that physically tilt or shift cost like 8 million bucks. Sad panda.

    But wait! We've found this little Tilt-Shift Camera! The lens is mounted at an angle for real "miniaturized" photos. It's teeny-weeny (about the size of your mobile) so the power of tilt-shift can always be in your pocket.

    Make buildings look tiny! Make people look small! Make beautiful blurry bokeh!

    Lovely vignetting and a 5MP sensor put you squarely in lo-fi toy-camera territory, like shooting with a Lomo or Holga. Plus it's got all the stuff you'd expect from a point & shoot: flash, zoom, white balance, even video! Oh yes, we said tilt-shift video.

    So: blow $3000 on a tilt-shift lens, slave over a hot computer making fake effects, or go out and play with this rad little guy? We know what we'd do.

    • Real tilt-shift lens for miniaturized photos
    • Lovely lo-fi look (lotso vignetting)
    • Takes stills and video
    • Handy built-in flash
    • Tiny and compact (smaller than your phone)
    • Four color modes
  • Tech Spexx
  • Takes 15 fps video at 640 x 480 resolution (AVI format)
  • Photo resolution 2560 x 1920
  • Shutter speeds 1/4 to 1/3000 second
  • Fixed focus f=7.45mm lens (1.5m to infinity range)
  • Vivid and sepia color modes, plus 5 white balance settings
  • 8x digital zoom, flash, 2.4-inch LCD display, tripod mount
  • 5 MP sensor, 16MB internal memory and SD card slot (can use up to 8GB card, not included)
  • Comes with wall outlet charger, operates on included lithium-ion battery
  • USB connection, Mac/Windows compatible, no software needed

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