Super Charged Bag Divider

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Super Charged Bag Divider


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    What's powerful, well-dressed, enjoys snuggling, and is fit for just about anything?

    Your dream boyfriend The Super Charged Bag Divider! This slim backup battery snuggled inside of an adjustable camera bag divider gives you extra power without adding bulk to your bag.

    Use the expandable Velcro edges to easily fit it inside of your camera bag, in any position or angle you like. Your gear will be snug and organized, while the 3,000 mAh battery will be there for a charge when you're away from a wall socket.

    Pack it along for a guaranteed recharge on an all day outdoor photo shoot or use a couple to keep your phone, keys, and lenses organized and separate. No more messes or unnecessary scratching!

    While you're out looking for the perfect snuggle buddy of your own, you'll know your gear is happy being tenderly held and charged up by the Super Charged Bag Divider in your bag.

    Works Great With...
    • Carry backup power in your bag without adding bulk
    • Customize the space in your camera bag to best fit your gear
    • Slim 3,000 mAh battery charges your phone up to 2 times
    • Micro USB cable included
    • Adjusts to fit bags 4 to 7 inches across
  • FAQ

    How does it fit in my bag?

    Fold or extend the velcro pieces on each side to get the perfect width for your bag! It'll fit any bag with a width between 4 and 7 inches.

    Is the battery removable?

    Yep! The pocket in the divider is padded and the perfect size for our custom battery, but you can take it out to use it anywhere! Plus, then you'll have a cute empty pocket to fill with candy or something...

    Will the Velcro scratch my gear?

    We picked top-notch Velcro that is high quality and not scratchy, so your stuff is safe.

    How do I recharge the battery?

    Use the included microUSB cable to recharge with any wall block charger and then keep on using that cable as a charger for your other microUSB Android phones or camera accessories.

    What exactly can I charge with this?

    Anything that you normally charge with a USB cord! Your phone for sure, some point and shoot cameras, phoneography lights and more.

    I have more, less frequently asked questions. Whaddoo I do?

    Email us!

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