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It's a Battery Charger! It's a Charging Cable! It's Super Keychain!


Power Boost Keychain for iPhone 5/5c/5s/6/6 Plus

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    Your Hello Kitty keychain is cute to look at, but what can it do for you?

    Introducing the most useful keychain on the block: The Power Boost Keychain. It's a tiny backup battery with charging cables built right in!

    Get a 1.5 hour battery boost by just plugging the built-in lightning or micro USB cable right into your phone. When the keychain itself needs a recharge, it's got a built-in USB cable for that.

    Bonus: Since it has connectors for both your phone and a USB port ... ta-da! It's a sync cable too.

    If you find yourself in the middle of the woods looking for a charge but none of the trees have USB ports in 'em, no sweat! Just plug your keychain into your phone to rejuice.

    Oh, and did we mention it'll hold the li'l pieces of metal you need to enter your home, car or unlock that bike of yours?

    Now, that's a useful keychain!

    Works Great With...
    • Always have a boost of power in your pocket
    • Li-polymer 800 mAh battery gives your battery a 30% boost. That's 1.5 hours of extra photo/video-ing time
    • Charging connectors are built right in, no extra cables needed
    • Keyring included, just add keys!

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