The Ring Flash Adapter

Turns your regular old external flash into a pro-style ring flash!


Ring Flash Adapter


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    Do you love your camera so much that people tell you to marry it? Or does that stop happening after 3rd grade? Either way, if you really love your DSLR, you should put a ring on it. (Beyonce, your wisdom knows no bounds.)

    The Ring Flash Adapter is a reflective circle that attaches to the front of your external flash. It requires no batteries or cords because it uses the flash you already have.

    Not only does this give your photos a soft, even glow, but it also gives you a studio quality look without stacks on stacks of expensive and difficult equipment.

    Throw a party for the best at-home photobooth your friends have seen yet, master portraits in all the bad-ass but low-light locations you've always wanted to shoot, or get clear, sharp macro shots that are otherwise super difficult to light.

    Your friends and family will look their best in this flattering light. Plus, awesome halos will appear in their eyes and not just because they're wowed by your photographic prowess.

    • Get studio-quality lighting with one affordable accessory
    • Attaches to your external flash via sturdy nylon strap
    • Fits most camera and flash combos see FAQ tab for compatibility info
    • A portable alternative to studio equipment
    • Great for parties, portraits, macro photos + more
    • No extra cables, triggers, batteries etc. needed!
  • FAQ

    Will the Ring Flash Adapter fit on my flash/around my lens?

    The adapter comes with an adjustable nylon velcro strap that fits around the front of any external flash. Though the length of your flash completely determines whether or not the ring flash will clear your lens.

    We recommend taking a few measurements to make sure your equipment will fit. Here's how to do it:

    You'll need a ruler (of course) and your camera with its flash and lens attached. Make sure the head of your flash is pointing straight ahead (not at the ceiling or at an angle).

    First, measure the diameter of your lens. If the diameter is less than 4.3" then you're in check.

    Second, measure from the center of your flash to the bottom of your lens. The Ring Flash Adapter is 7" long from the center of its flash attachment to its bottom ring. If the distance between the middle of your flash and the bottom of your lens is less than 7" then this adapter will fit.

    So how do I use this thing?

    Make sure your external flash is connected to your DSLR's hot shoe. Then strap the Ring Flash Adapter to the front of your external flash with the velcro strap. Slip it over your lens, and you're good to go.

    Is this going to juice the batteries in my external flash?

    Nope! All it does is redirect the light from your flash. It then fills the circular tube with light and diffuses it. No extra power needed because it's just taking what you've already got, and turning it into something different. Pretty smart eh?

    How far should I stand away from my subject to get the cool halo effect?

    We found that 3 feet or closer was the perfect distance!

    How much does it weigh?

    It's 1.5 pounds (or .7 kilograms!), a lightweight alternative to heavy-as-heck ring flash systems!

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