Re-Stickable Decal Photo Frames

8 retro, infinitely re-positionable wall frames


8-Pack of Wall Decals

1 for $20.00

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8-Pack of Wall Decals

2 for $36.00

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    We have a bit of a thing for simple things that let you change up the photos in your home quickly and without fuss.

    After all, who wants to look at the same photos day after day? So it's no surprise that we're crushing on Re-Stickable Decal Photo Frames.

    Each pack contains eight stylish frames cut from pliable, premium vinyl. (The same material used to make high-quality wall decals.) The low-tack adhesive sticks to your walls or windows but is a cinch to take off and re-apply. And it won't damage walls or paint.

    Tired of the photos you put up? Just peel your sticker frame off the wall and slip in a new one. Want to move a frame to another room? It's just as easy.

    It's the fastest way to frame your photos.

    • 8 frames of various sizes included
    • Removable, reusable
    • Safe for all kinds of walls
    • Rearrange anytime, swap in new photos in seconds
    • Room diagram included for help planning
    • Sizes include: 4x4, 4x6 (four), 5x7 (two), 8x10

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