The Power Wallet

The Power (to recharge your phone) is Within


The Power Wallet

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    When your whirl-wind day has left your phone flashing red, remember these words from Glenda the Good Witch, "You had the Power all along, my dear."

    The Power Wallet is always with you, packing all the essentials you need to get through the day (and night) including a hidden lightweight high-capacity backup battery for your phone.

    It's not a only a super cute faux leather day bag with pockets for your cash, credit cards, and emergency red sequins, but you can keep your iPhone or Android phone tucked away and plugged in for up to a 160% charge. The world might look a little different when you don't have to worry about your phone puttering out on long adventures.

    No yellow brick road is too long now with the Power Wallet hanging from your wrist. Pack along some cell lenses and a pocket spotlight in the roomy case to document the journey too! Your camera will always be fully charged no matter where you go.

    And when you think you can't find your way home, your phone will have enough power to get you directions and call a taxi to get you back after a long day.

    Works Great With...
    • Never run out of photo taking power again
    • Carry everything in one wallet!
    • Hidden lightweight high capacity battery
    • Works with iPhone and Android phones (adapter included)
    • Lots of Storage: 6 card slots, cash pocket, zippered pocket, two dividers
    • Grab the handstrap for easy carrying
    • 2800 mAh battery charges up to 160%
    • LED lights indicate charge
  • FAQ

    Will this fit the iPhone 6/6s plus?

    It sure will! That Wallet is 4.5”H x 8.5” W x 1” D and your iPhone 6 Plus is 3.06"H x 6.22"L x 0.28"D. So it will totally fit!

    What material are these made out of? Fabric? Leather? Pleather? Vinyl? Thanks!

    Great question! It’s made of textured PU leather material (aka Poly Synthetic Leather). So it will have a similar feel to leather without hurting any animals! :)

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