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Popcord On-the-Go Charging Cable

Charges Phones. Will Travel.


Popcord - Microusb Cable

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  • Description

    Like a shark at your pool party, a “Low Battery” warning can really ruin a perfectly fun day.

    A carefree afternoon can turn into an terrifying quest for your dang charging cable - through junk drawers, linty pockets, your friend’s trunk … UNLESS … You’ve got Popcord.

    This sleek USB charging cable is designed to live right on your keychain. Its sturdy construction is made to withstand daily jingle-jangling around with your keys.

    Grab the Lightning Version to charge up your iPhone. Or, pick up a Micro USB cord to power your bluetooth speakers, e-reader or Android phone.

    Never again be left wondering, “where did I leave my charger?” or “how did that shark get into my pool?”

    • Never be stranded without a charging cable again
    • Sleek design looks good on your keychain, bag strap or as a toe ring (maybe)
    • Includes a keyring
    • No more cable spaghetti in your pocket
    • Available in Lightning (for iPhones) and Micro-USB (for Android)
    • Loan it to a friend in need and save the day

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