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Photojojo Drone Banner


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    What's fun, futuristic and incites strange looks? Well, yes, Trekkie Conventions, but also your photography drone!

    Turn those sidelong glances into full-faced grins with the Photojojo Drone Banner. This lightweight, mesh banner hangs from your drone and proclaims its true intentions (of fun!) to the world. Put everyone at ease and attract some well deserved, smiling attention.

    The banner is simple to set-up and easy to attach. Remove the banner from its carrying pouch and insert the stabilizing rods into pockets on the banner. Then just attach the straps around your drone's landing gear and fly 'er up, up and away!

    Use it at your next family picnic or outdoor convention. Even teenagers and Vulcans will smile (or at least smirk) at your charismatic drone.

    Live long, prosper and always come in peace.

    • Add friendly character to your done
    • Get more looks and more smiles
    • Lightweight, just 3.4 oz. (think a smallish hamster)
    • Easy to set-up and attach
    • 13.75 inches x 25.6 inches, so it's easy to see from below
    • Comes with a carrying pouch
    • Mesh material for minimal resistance to your flight
    • Need a drone to go with your banner?
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  • FAQ

    Is the banner compatible with all drones?

    We've only tested it with our Phantom 2 Photography Drone. The banner likely works with other drones, especially ones with similar landing gear, we just haven't tried it out yet. However, if you see a pigeon flying around with one attached to its leg, please let us know.

    Will this work on windy days?

    Eh, not very well. We don't recommend flying it in the wind. Strong winds might make things a bit bumpy, but its mesh material keeps your drone easy to fly on calm days.

    I just got my drone and am excited to fly the Photojojo Drone Banner! What should I know beforehand?

    Congrats and welcome to the drone club! You should definitely fly your drone banner-free for a little while, just to make sure you have a good feel for it. Check out the guides we put together at the bottom of the Phantom 2 page. Always use your drone with care and full control, with and without the banner. Most importantly though: Have a blast!

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