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The Pennant Party Box

Five festive flags that will add instant pep to your portaits.

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    In 1826 on a Parisian rooftop, the world's first photographer asked his pigeon pals to yell ?fromage? as he snapped the very first photo. Since that day, the subjects of photographs have had just one thing to say, ?CHEESE!?

    After decades of lactose laden looks that can be downright cheesy, it?s time to give your pals something new to say. Simply hand them Photojojo's Pennant Party Box so they can choose one of five snappy phrases to properly project their sentiments: OMG, LOLZ, Woot, Huzzah or Tee-Hee!

    Mom can show how she really feels about finally being at your graduation, Woot! Little Jimmy can say what he thinks of that big ol' cake, OMG! Grandma Rose will let you know how she feels about your wedding guests? skills on the dancefloor, Tee-Hee!

    Each felt flag features a hand-lettered festive phrase, so your photogenic friends can show you how they really feel.

    Leave the "cheese" to the birds.

    • Each set comes with 5 flags: OMG (pink), LOLZ (orange), Woot (green), Huzzah (yellow) and Tee-Hee (blue)!
    • Perfect for addition to any photo booth prop-box
    • 5 bright colors add pop to any backdrop
    • 11" wide flag on a 16" tall wooden dowel
    • Silkscreened and made of sturdy die-cut felt
    • Psst ... looking for more fun photo props? Check out our Stache Stash of mustaches-on-a-stick!

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