Turn your iPhone into a Hand-held Video Rig

Unibody frame, adjustable VeriCorder mic, and a threaded wide-angle lens


iPhone Video Rig

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    Quiet on the set! You've got your iPhone at the ready, and you're surely just one afternoon video shoot away from YouTube stardom, Facebook likes for days, Oscar gold.

    Spielberg, Lucas, Anderson... They all had to start somewhere, right??!

    And then you realized The World's Thinnest Smartphone trembles in the slightest breeze, the mic's easy to block, and the lens is permanently zoomed in. If only you had a sliding rig, a boom mic, and a wide-angle lens!

    Enter the iPhone Video Rig. It's a movie-making crew in your pocket.

    It's precision-carved out of a single solid block of aluminum, so it fits your iPhone like a glove. Four tripod sockets, and weight over a full pound means it's rock steady. An adjustable, high-quality VeriCorder mic and 0.45x 37mm wide-angle lens make for crystal-clear sound and deep contrast.

    In other words, it's a cinch to keep your iPhone stable through smooth, controlled pans, it sounds amazing, and it packs real glass.

    Quick someone get Jason Schwartzman on the line, you're ready to film!

    Works Great With...
    • Custom-made for iPhone 6/6s & 6 Plus/6s Plus!
    • Anodized aluminum unibody construction
    • 37mm 0.45x wide-angle/macro optics
    • Adjustable, high-sensitivity VeriCorder mic
    • Accommodates 3rd-party lenses (37mm) and filters (49mm)
    • Cold shoe accessory mount
    • Four standard tripod sockets
    • 4.75" x 6" x 1.75"
  • FAQ

    Why is this thing so heavy?

    More weight = more stability, and the iPhone Video Rig with its dual-grips is designed to make your iPhone heavy enough to capture fluid video and long, smooth pans, while remaining light enough to hold for a full shoot.

    What does the lens do?

    A few things. First, it's a wide-angle adapter with a 0.45x magnification. Basically, that means it makes your iPhone's field of view a little over twice as wide, so you'll capture more to the side, and more to the top and bottom. It makes a huge difference.

    Second, you can also use it as a macro lens, which allows you to get incredibly close detail shots.

    Finally, the lens is constructed of high-quality optical glass, so it helps to improve the contrast and detail in every shot.

    Can I use other lenses?

    Absolutely! The iPhone Video Rig is threaded to take 37mm lenses. And the lens we include takes any 49mm filter.

    What else can I add?

    There's a cold shoe on top that's great for add-on video lights, shotgun mics, pez dispensers, whatever.

    Can I still get to my headphone and dock connectors?

    Yup! There are cutouts on either side to give you access to both. Whether you shoot video to Marky Mark or Mark Mothersbaugh, you're covered. (You can even make phone calls.)

    What else comes in the box?

    Besides the rig itself, the VeriCorder mic, and the wide-angle/macro lens, we include a soft pouch for the lens, a polishing cloth, lens cap (of course), and a silicone iPhone case that holds your phone snugly inside the rig.

    All about the iPhone Rig's
    Anodized Billet Aluminum frame
    (a.k.a. What the heck is a "billet"?)

    In order to give the iPhone Video Rig its incredibly rigid feel, it's made from something called billet aluminum. (It's also used in high-precision automotive parts and in Apple's notebook computers.)

    What is it? It's pretty simple -- metal parts are typically made from liquid metal that's molded to the shape needed. Billet aluminum parts, on the other hand, are carved from a single block of aluminum. Because the metal isn't melted, it retains much more of its strength.

    The iPhone Video Rig's aluminum is further strengthened using anodization. In this process, high electric currents are used to harden the aluminum and create a tough protective layer over the entire surface.

    Anodization is used to protect satellites from space debris, and it's used to protect your iPhone Video Rig. (It's also one of the most environmentally-friendly metal finishing processes!)

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