The Olloclip 4-in-1 Lens

A four-in-one lens system that fits over the corner of your iPhone or iPad for easy access


iPad Air and iPad Mini

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    4 cars in 2 spots = messy. 4 lenses in 2 spots = clever design.

    So how do you get four lenses in one? Picture the Olloclip Lens, a small clip with a lens on either side that fits onto the corner of your iPhone or iPad. With that, you have access to four lenses all at once: Fisheye, Wide Angle, 10x Macro lenses and a bonus 15x Macro for the iPhone 5/5s or iPad Air/iPad Mini.

    These are no toy. They're made from glass for sharp photo and video that you wouldn’t guess came from a camera phone.

    The 4-in-1 design cuts down on time spent switching out lenses. Your iPhone or iPad camera's pretty much ready for anything!

    The Fisheye will give your photos a rad 180° view worthy of a Beastie Boys music video. If that angle's a wee too wide, just flip the clip around for the Wide-Angle lens. You'll get a 2x wider view than what your iPhone gives you. Imagine all the faces, landscapes, and lattes you can fit in!

    To go the other end of awesome, twist the front of the Wide Angle lens off to convert it to a Macro lens. You'll just lurve the stunning 10x magnified photos -- all that detail you can't normally see. Bugs, flowers, Abraham Lincoln on the face of a penny -- they'll all look like giants through this lens!

    The new 4-in-1 lens comes with an extra 15x macro lens -- for those times when the 10x macro just doesn't get you close enough.

    Finally, smart lenses to keep up with your smart phone (or iPad)!

    Works Great With...
    • Four lenses in one clip: Fisheye and a Wide Angle/Two Macro combo lenses
    • Fast & easy to switch between lenses
    • High quality glass optics
    • Compact and easy to carry
    • No losing lenses! They’re all in one place
    • Slips securely on to the corner of your iPhone or iPad
    • Includes a small carrying bag and lens caps for each lens
    • Works with naked iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch (5th generation, choose iPhone 5 version) only, no cases or screen protectors

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