Nova, A Wireless Pocketable Phone Flash

Nova talks to your phone via bluetooth to flash at the perfect color & brightness




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    What fits in your wallet, will fill you with delight and doesn’t have a picture of a dead president on it? Give up …?

    It’s the Nova, a wireless flash for iPhone that uses bluetooth to talk to your phone from up to 20 ft. away and sync its flash with your shutter.

    The Nova has 40 LED lights that are diffused through a white panel for super even light. You can control brightness and color temperature through the Nova app on your phone!

    Choose from 3 light modes: Gentle to take away shadows, Warm to give skin a natural look and Bright to light up a big crowd or large area. For total control switch to Advanced mode to choose your own color temperature and brightness.

    Since it’s not attached to your phone, you choose the distance and angle of your light. Get it just where you want it.

    Nova is slimmer than your phone, shaped like a credit card and loves American history. It'll fit right in in your wallet.

    Works Great With...
    • A wireless flash that syncs with your phone's shutter via bluetooth
    • Set the color temp. and brightness through the Nova iPhone app
    • Hold it at just the perfect distance/angle form your subject
    • Same shape as a credit card, keep it in your wallet!
  • Tech Spexx
    • Size - 3.4 × 2.1 × 0.25 inches
    • Weight - 5.3oz
    • App - Available for iPhones
    • Wireless communication - Bluetooth 4.0 low energy (saves battery!)
    • Battery - Built-in lithium-ion polymer battery
    • Charging - USB Micro B cable (included)
    • Battery capacity - Up to 150 flashes, 4 weeks on standby between charges
    • LEDs - 40 × 8 Lumen white LEDs
    • Wow Factor - 1,000,000 units
    • Usefulness - Infinite

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