The Level Camera Cube

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The Level Camera Cube

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    A wise man once said that "virtue is the vehicle for one to achieve balance." And if Confucius was your Photo 101 instructor he would have added that therefore, a level camera is a happy camera.

    So if re-shooting, cropping, and re-shooting again is the closest you've been to virtue and balance -- there's no question you could use some assistance in finding your camera's center.

    The Level Camera Cube is the Yin to your camera's Yang.

    He's a mellow yellow ambassador of Zen that slides into your camera's hot shoe. Simply point at your subject and align the bubbles to set up a straight and narrow frame.

    The bubble level's three axis will assist in balancing your vertical, horizontal, whatever shots. Downward dog anyone?

    Let's face it, your camera will never learn Tai Chi on its own.

    • Attaches to any hot shoe
    • Perfectly level photos, every time
    • 1" x 1" x 1" cube
    • Spend less time editing, more time shooting
    • 3-axis level so you can shoot horizontally or vertically

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