Lensbaby Sweet Spot Phone Lens

A magnetic tilt-shift style phone lens that gives you super dramatic blur and creative control


Lensbaby Sweet Spot Phone Lens

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    Who doesn't love a little bit of drama ... a secret crush on your barista, a new hair cut (maybe you should try bangs), or a flawlessly executed prank on your BFF.

    The LM-10 Sweet Spot Lens brings you all the chaos and sweetness you need with an artsy phone cam lens from the good folks at Lensbaby.

    It comes with a universal adhesive metal ring that sticks to the back of your phone and an iPhone mount, so it can be used with any phone! The lens itself attaches to the ring or mount magnetically. Snap it on and off in an instant for super selective focus just when you need it.

    Since the LM-10 has a second metal ring on its shootin' end, you can stack other phone lenses (telephotos! fisheyes!) onto the end for even more dramatic effects.

    Fire up the free Lensbaby app for total creative control. Move the point of focus or change lighting while shooting photos or video. Prop up your phone using the included kickstand for shooting timelapses and self portraits.

    Record a dream sequence for your next film project, focus in on your cat's adorable napping face while blurring out the mess of dirty clothes he's lounging on, or get an accurate pic of the tunnel vision you have for that taco on your dinner plate.

    Start using the LM-10 to add drama to your life and give your BFF (and your hair) a break from the emotional rollercoaster.

    Works Great With...
    • Add creative effects to your photos with Lensbaby's newest creation
    • A magnetic lens for real life tilt-shift style!
    • Choose a single spot of focus for added drama
    • Use the Lensbaby app to move the sweet spot and play with filters
    • Free Lensbaby app works with both iPhones and Androids
    • Stack Photojojo lenses onto the end for even more unique results
    • Metal Ring mount works on any phone
    • iPhone mount and Kickstand included
    • Protective caps and keyring lanyard come standard too
    • From the creative lens experts at Lensbaby

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