The Hufa Lens Cap Strap Holder

A strapping solution for losing lens caps.


Lens Cap Strap Holder


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    You’re a photo magician. Your trademark trick: making a lens cap vanish.

    Is it in your camera bag? Your pocket? Has it disappeared into the depths of that sewer you’re standing over?

    Thankfully, your trick is finally up. With the Hufa Lens Cap Strap Holder your lens cap will never get lost again! The holder slides onto your camera strap like threading a buckle, so you don’t have to alter your strap or cap at all!

    Your lens cap slips into the holder with the same strong grip that attaches it to your camera’s lens. The tight fit will keep it safely in place while you shoot away.

    Let’s leave the magic tricks to the trained professionals.

    • You'll never lose your lens cap again!
    • Secure grip
    • Easily threads on to your camera strap
    • The holder works with all your lens cap sizes

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