100% Energy Apple Juice Power Pack

Contains essential vitamins* for phones ... *jk. it's electricity


Apple Juice Power Pack - 5200mAh


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    There's nothing worse than the afternoon slump ... sleepy eyes, wandering mind, an ever shortening battery bar on your phone.

    Perk up with the 100% Energy Apple Juice Power Pack, a friendly faced backup battery that'll give your phone a big boost to get you both through the rest of the day.

    Much like juice boxes of the more traditional variety, the Juice Power Pack fits snuggly in your bag or back pocket. As your phone slowly drifts off after a busy day, plug it in with your charging cable and get back to business.

    Each box contains 2-3 full servings (a.k.a. full charges) of phone juice.

    Quickly recharge on the run. No more desperate dashes to a wall-outlet to get enough juice for just one. more. photo. Pack it along in your picnic basket for a sunny afternoon energy bump. Ah, nothing like recharging in the great outdoors!

    Next time your battery decides to throw a low-battery temper tantrum give it a hug and a juice box.

    • Recharge anytime, anywhere
    • Charges your phone to 100% up to 3 times
    • No sugar added
    • Works with any phone
    • Tiny and cute! Under an inch thick
    • Works with any charging cable - Share juice with your friends!
    • Contains 5200mAh
    • Just 3.5 x 1.5 x 0.8 inches
    • *Contains no real juice*
  • FAQ

    Is this a one time use product?

    Nope! One juice pack will charge your phone up to 3 times AND THEN you get to plug in the juice box for a refill and repeat. This box is like a magic source of endless juice.

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