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Jelly Camera Single Lens


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    Some argue that the best camera is the one you've got with you -- right now.

    For most of us that means our cell phones, which we use to photograph just about everything. And by everything we mean ehhv-ree-thang. From your late night donut to the naked guy on the bus wearing a Darth Vader mask eating ice cream. (If you live in San Francisco like we do, this is a photo-worthy yet not uncommon occurrence).

    So if your phone is always there to capture life's most precious kodak moments -- why not give it the same killer accessories as your other cams?

    Jelly Phone Filters are keychain sized adapters for your camera phone's itty bitty lens.

    Morph your otherwise low-res snapshots into something of a spectacle with kaleidoscopes, wide angles, and starbursts. Each filter is outfitted with a re-usable gummy ring so you can use it over and over again.

    With them, what was once a ho-hum picture of a stranger's "LOL FAIL" vanity plate is now a kaleidoscopal masterpiece. And that everyday croissant? With a wide angle lens it's now a gargantuan pastry from outerspace. Then, throw in a little starburst lens and your otherwise ordinary best friend is now hurtling into the future at the speed of light.

    Keep it up, and with these lenses you'll soon be known as iArbus.

    Works Great With...
    • Sticks to camera phone with a gummy ring
    • Work with all standard size camera phone lenses (1/2" or less)
    • Come with handy keychain loops
    • Endlessly reusable
    Tested with...
    • Apple

      • iPod 4/5
      • iPhone 4/4s
      • iPhone 5/5c/5s
      • iPhone 6/6s
      • iPhone 6/6s Plus
      • iPad Mini 1/2
      • iPad 2/3/4/Air
      • iPad Pro
    • Samsung

      • Samsung Galaxy S4
      • Galaxy S3
      • Galaxy S2
      • Galaxy Note
      • Samsung Nexus 2
      • Samsung Captiva
      • Samsung Droid - Charge
      • Samsung Intensity 2
      • Galaxy Note II
      • Galaxy Tab (all)
      • Galaxy Tab 2
    • LG

      • Lucid by LG
      • LG Nexus 4
      • Optimus G
      • Optimus G Pro
      • LG Venice
    • HTC

      • HTC Evo 4G/4G LTE
      • HTC One
      • HTC One X
      • HTC Droid Incredible
      • Droid DNA
      • Windows Phone 8x
    • Motorola

      • Droid Razr & razr maxx
      • Droid X
      • Razr M
      • Photon Q
      • Atrix HD
    • Google

      • Nexus 7
      • Nexus 4
      • Nexus One
      • Photon Q
      • Atrix HD
    • Nokia

      • Nokia N900
      • Lumia 822
    • Blackberry

      • z10
      • bold 9900
      • bold 9800
    • Sony

      • Sony Xperia Z
    • Amazon

      • Kindle

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