iPhone Super Suit

The waterproof drop-friendly iPhone case that fears nothing!


iPhone 5 Super Suit

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    Duct tape might be the answer to many of life’s problems, but using it to waterproof your phone is a bad idea.

    The iPhone Super Suit, on the other hand, gives your phone super protection without blocking your view … or leaving behind a sticky mess.

    The trim case is sealed for waterproof protection, so you can use your phone to take close up underwater pics of your pet goldfish or catch up on your Instagram feed while standing in the shower.

    When your phone slips from your sometimes clumsy hands, the case will cushion the fall (up to 6 feet, let's not get crazy).

    The buttons and touchscreen are easily accessible. There's no need to remove the case when you need to plug in your headphones or charging cable.

    Plus, you can still use your phone's camera and attachable Photojojo Lenses so you’ll never be slowed down by a bulky or hard to dismantle protective case when you actually need to use your phone.

    And maybe with all of that saved duct tape, you can start making crafts for your etsy store or, you know, do actual plumbing.

    Works Great With...
    • Sleek design is super protective, but doesn't add bulk
    • Protects from everything! Except maybe kryptonite
    • Use your camera up to 6 feet underwater
    • Keeps your phone safe from a 6 foot fall, let your extra tall friends use your phone without worry
    • Touchscreen and buttons are waterproof protected and still 100% accessible
    • Take pics of your trip to the beach without taking home any stowaway sand
    • We took the Super Suit camping in Big Sur. See our photo story of the trip!
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