The iPhone Lens Dial

A complete three-lens optical system for serious iPhoneographers


iPhone 5/5s
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    If you're anything like us, a trip to the Optometrist is a real treat. It's like a Photographer's dreamland! Full of big, beautiful, and fascinating optical gadgets.

    After all, getting new glasses is like getting a new lens for your brain. (If only our health insurance covered a Canon L lens).

    That must be why The iPhone Lens Dial caught our EYE (heh). It looks just like a Phoropter, that doohickey the doc uses to test our sight!

    The iPhone Lens Dial boasts optical-quality coated glass lenses: Wide Angle, Fisheye, and Telephoto (plus, a bonus Macro lens on the iPhone 5/5s version). All wrapped up in a slim aircraft-grade aluminum jacket equipped with two tripod mounts (for portrait or landscape shots).

    To switch between lenses just rotate the disc! Best part: the lenses never leave your phone, so they're always at the ready.

    Use the 0.7x Wide Angle for sweeping landscapes or get fun warped images with the 0.33x Fisheye. Switch to the 1.5x Telephoto and get nearly two times closer to your subject. Wowza.

    If you're an iPhoner, lucky you, you can use the Macro lens to take a photo within 2 cm (less than an inch!) of your littlest subjects.

    The Lens Dial: like a new pair of spectacles for your iPhone!

    Works Great With...
    • Multi-lens set: Fisheye, Wide Angle, and Telephoto
    • Optical-quality coated glass lenses
    • Slim aircraft-grade aluminum case
    • Rotate the dial to switch lenses!
    • Case has two tripod mounts (for portrait/landscape)
    • Weighs just 10 oz
    • iPhone 5/5s case features a bonus Macro lens
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    What's an 'open box item'?

    It's an item that hasn't been used, but isn't packed up with all its original packaging (maybe it was a model for a product page photo shoot, maybe it's box happened to be nearby when our cat needed a new toy). We cross-our-hearts that our open box items are not defective. We're sooo confident that all our open box items are final sale. However if you're unhappy for whatever reason just contact us within 30 days.

  • See what Robert did with it!

    Robert Josiah Bingaman


    @robertjosiah / Kansas City, Missouri /

    Meet Robert. He's both a painter and photographer. He took the iPhone Lens Dial along on a recent trip to California, and told us a bit about his photo-ing process.

    "I live in a strange purgatory between two camps of image-making?painting and photography.
    One takes but a moment, the other can take months. Remaining dedicated to each sometimes feels like having two families?each a secret from the other.

    "Photos are taken with a simple gesture. Dozens are captured and saved without thinking, and more than ever, the editing process is a matter of selection.

    My flippant thumb scrolls through hundreds of tiny thumbnails on a 'camera roll' ... They become the casual dance partners to the tapping, swiping, sweeping hand. They are swatches on the table. For me, the elixir that makes this more 'painterly' use of photography work is made of three elements?color, value, and tone.

    "The beauty and the challenge of Instagram is that your account is one unending feed. One of the only ways to effectively express succinct narratives or larger themes about the places seen is by zooming out to tell loose, elliptical stories with these simple components.

    After more than three years of using Instagram, I have discovered that in many ways, my feed has become a safe, nobody-gets-hurt way for me to let my two families know one another.

    "One image at a time, I experiment with using photography to approach the content I usually reserve for paint. Meantime, I keep an eye on the aggregate effect?the appearance of the stream?in a way that a painter might patiently kneed a large canvas over time."

    Thanks for taking the Lens Dial on your Adventures, Robert! See more of his work here.

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