The iPhone Carabiner Clip

Never miss an iPhone pic with this sturdy clip that keeps your phone safe and at the ready.


iPhone 5/5s/5c

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  • description

    If Batman were an iPhoneographer, he’d have an ingenious way to keep his camera phone primed for crime fighting.

    It may not save Gotham (yet), but the iPhone Carabiner Clip is a slick tool straight from Bruce Wayne’s utility belt.

    It gives you uber-quick access to your iPhone by letting you latch it onto a belt loop, camera bag, strap, purse, or whatever! The Clip is sturdily attached to a lustrous leather strap built to take on heavy iPhone use.

    Just secure it to the bottom of your phone with two included screws. Attaching it won't alter your phone in any way, and you can remove it whenever you want.

    Much like Batman himself, the carabiner pulls double duty! Use it to hold your cell lenses, clip to a camera strap or hang your keys.

    It's the perfect complement to bat ears and body armor – not to mention all that mysterious brooding.

    Works Great With...
    • Clip to backpacks, belts, camera straps, etc.
    • Simple to attach, screws into the bottom of your phone (screws and screwdriver incl.)
    • Leaves charging port clear for charging
    • Sturdy leather strap with strong metal clasp
    • Made in Japan by robots from the future!
  • FAQ

    How the heck do you put this thing on?

    The iPhone body has removable screws on the bottom. Take these out with the included screwdriver, line up the holes on the Carabiner, and secure it in place with the new screws (also included). Simple as that.

    How secure is it?

    This baby ain’t going nowhere unless you want it to. Since the Carabiner directly attaches to your phone, it won't come off.

    Can I remove it?

    Yup! Just remove the screws, and it'll come right off without altering your phone in any way.

    Will this fit on my phone?

    It works exclusively with the iPhone 4 or 4S and the iPhone 5, 5s, or 5c.

    Can I still charge my iPhone with this on?

    You better believe it. The carabiner and strap are designed to be thin and unobtrusive. Neither one covers your charger port.

    Can I put a case on my phone and still use the carabiner?

    It depends – if you can see the bottom screws with your case still on, then yes, it most likely will. If your case covers the entire cell body, you’re out of luck.

    Is there a way to lock the hook?

    There’s no safety lock like you find on rock climbing carabiners, but the metal hook is on a spring so it fits snugly into the anchor.

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