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iPhone 5

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    It didn't take long before you realized your iPhone wasn't really a phone.

    It's the swiss army knife of the mobile world.

    One minute it's speed dialing your favorite-est pizza spot and the next, it's snapping an entire album of pics and recording all kinds of HD 720 video.

    Now you can dress your iPhone in its true identity with the Instant Camera iPhone Decal.

    With just the right amount of stick, it's easy to apply and remove (won't leave residue). Plus unlike bulky cases, it protects your phone while keeping it slim n' sleek.

    Boast the best of both worlds with charming analog looks and state of the art digital super powers. Your friends'll wonder how you fit all that camera awesomeness into such a tiny device.

    Yup, you pretty much just one-upped Gaga.

    Works Great With...
    • Charming analog looks!
    • Easy to apply and remove, won't leave residue
    • Specially made for the iPhone 4/4S and iPhone 5!
    • Protects your phone's case from scratches
    • Keeps your phone slim and sleek, no bulkiness
    • Get mad analog photo cred
  • FAQ

    Will this work on my phone?

    This decal is made to specially fit the iPhone 4/4s or iPhone 5, so if you have one of those, yes!

    Did you say iPhone 5s?

    Nope. It's the same shape as the 5, but the flash is a little different, so it's a no go.

    Can I reuse it over and over?

    The decal is meant for one time use. It's super easy to apply and remove. Plus, it doesn't leave any stick residue on your phone. Yay.

    Will it cover the flash???

    Nope! The opening for the lens makes sure to leave room for the flash for your flashing convenience.

    Does it really turn my phone into an Instant Camera?

    No. That'd rule. Oh, and this thing totally does!

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