The Handleband Bike Mount

Your phone called. It wants a ride ... On your bike!


Handleband Bike Mount

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    The latest smartphones have had their sense of adventure upgraded. They want to speed down the street, bounce through the woods, and show everyone what a fun time they’re having doing it.

    Sounds like your phone needs a Handleband, a mount that will let it ride securely on your handlebars.

    Its durable silicone stretches to fit snuggly around any phone (with or without a case) and holds on extra tight with the help of a sturdy aluminum base.

    You can adjust it to any angle and you still have full access to your camera and other apps.

    Shoot a time-lapse of your commute or use your bike as a dolly for smooth videos. You can keep an eye on GPS directions and even use your flashlight app as a headlamp in a pinch. The sky’s the limit (... just don’t FaceTime while riding in traffic).

    Shoot a bike’s eye-view of your favorite bike path, but rest assured in the fact that you are no dare devil. The Handleband is so secure, you’re not risking a thing.

    Just because your phone has developed a taste for the riskier things in life, doesn't mean you have to.

    Works Great With...
    • Hold your phone securely on your handlebars
    • Made of stretchable, durable silicone, with a sturdy aluminum base
    • Leaves your lens exposed for photoing/filming your ride
    • Use your bike as a dolly
    • Timelapse your trail ride
    • Fits phones up to 3.6" wide
    • Aluminum base doubles as a bottle opener
    • A Kickstarter success!
    • Made in Colorado

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