The Glif: Minimalist Phone Stand & Tripod Mount

An elegantly-engineered, infinitely flexible, tiny little marvel


Universal Glif
(new - fits all phones!)


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    Half a score and four years ago (that's 14 to be exact), the camera phone was brought forth upon the world. Yet phoneography remains the redheaded stepchild of the photo world.

    Bah. You know what the best "real-legitimate-photographer" camera is? The one you've got with you. Know what makes it even better? The Glif!

    The Glif is a pocketable stand for your camera phone with a tripod mount that connects your phone to any tripod.

    There's a Glif for everyone! The new Universal Glif works with any camera phone, case or no case.

    Use The Glif on a tripod to film epic movies sans camera-shake, stand it vertically to take beautifully crisp and clear night shots, or prop it horizontally to watch movies on your in-flight table. Shoot from your bike or dangle your phone from high places without a worry.

    With this simple and elegantly designed little guy holding your camera phone steady, your pix can make the switch from shiznit to legit. It's about time.

    Works Great With...
    • Props your phone 4 different ways, including on a tripod!
    • Hang the Glif from your keychain
    • Fits in your pocket, weighs next to nothing
    • Standard tripod mount, 1/4"-20 thread (works with the tripod you've got)
    • Designed and made in the U.S.A. from all recycled material
    • The Universal Glif
    • Size adjusts to fit your phone, with or without a case
    • Works with any camera phone up to 3.4 inches wide and .5 inches thick
    • The Glif Plus
    • Works with caseless iPhone 4/4s
    • The box doubles as a tripod!
  • The Story Behind the Glif

    Tom and Dan had a dream: a simple device that would allow people to not only stand their iPhone but mount it onto their tripod, too.

    Manufacturing that device? Not so simple. Getting their mount manufactured meant they would most likely have to sell their idea away to a larger company.

    Tom and Dan tried something different. They set up a page on Kickstarter (a site that allows people to donate funds for creative projects). With the help of about a thousand folks who believed in their vision, they were able to manufacture the Glif right here in the USA!

    How inspiring is that? With a little faith from a people all over the net, The Glif came to be.

    (p.s. Check out the making of The Glif. It pretty much rules.)

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