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Game of Phones


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    You've spent hours together: late night sitcom binges, getting lost on road trips, looking through your old photos ... Your phone is practically your best friend.

    Now you can invite your phone to parties too instead of always leaving it out of the fun. Get to know your friends and their BFFs (i.e. their phones) with Game of Phones, the card game that puts your internetin' skills and jam packed photoroll to good use.

    It's like a scavenger hunt on your phone!

    Each round you and your pals take turns judging each other on your googling abilities, photo snapping prowess, social clout and much more.

    While you and your smartphone win the "Find your best #selfie" round with that pic you took while SCUBA diving last summer, your buddy across the table picked up the card for "Create an emoji masterpiece."

    Your relationship with your phone will finally be rewarded when you bring home the trophy for Game of Phones (trophy not included but DIY attempts encouraged).

    • Use your phone as the ultimate gaming partner
    • Find the weirdest and bestest things on your phone to win
    • Show off old photos & fresh ones too
    • A great game for big or small groups
    • Fun to pack along to parties, road trips, and boring fancy dinners
    • Includes a deck of 100 cards
    • A new game each time you play with new friends and new photos
  • Moar Cards!

    To help you fully understand just how silly this game can get. Get a load of these kooky challenges:

    • Show the first photo you took on your phone.
    • Most unaccepted Facebook friend requests wins this card.
    • Take a flattering picture of the judge.
    • Show your most useless app.
    • Lowest battery percentage wins this card.
    • Take a selfie, decorate or enhance it.
    • Find the cheapest flight to another continent.

    Okay, that's the end of your sneak peek. To see the other 93 cards, get your very own deck. :]

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