Fotoclips (110 pcs)

The Connective, the Constructive.

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    Baby blocks, Legos, Erector sets, sand castles, quilts... From the moment we begin our lives, we're using our imagination to build and to assemble. Building things is fun, photography is fun... now if only there were a way to build things with photos.

    Enter Fotoclips.

    Fotoclips are tiny clear plastic fasteners which serve one simple purpose in life: to help you build things with your photos. Each box comes with 110 clips: 100 "2D" clips that hold two photos together, and 10 "3D" clips that allow you to attach photos at an angle to other Fotoclips.

    Take a box of Fotoclips and a pile of photos, and you've got all the ingredients you need to build a photo lampshade, a photo wall, a photo skirt, curvy durvy photo sculptures, pretty much anything you can dream up.

    Get several boxes and build a room divider, or cover your room with photos, floor-to-ceiling. Or give a box to all your photo-loving friends. At just $12, they're easy and thoughtful gifts.

    • 100 clear plastic Fotoclips let you build with your photos.
    • 10 "3D" Fotoclips let you attach photos at any angle.
    • Works with photos small and large.
    • Holds photos firmly for easy positioning.
    • Build mosaics, castles, lampshades, anything you can dream up!
    • Spiffy pop-up box makes a great gift.

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