Recycled Film Roll Magnets

Real film rolls super juiced with magnet power!


Three Magnets


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    We don’t know if reincarnation is real, but we do know that if it was, we’d want to be brought back with superpowers. We’re willing to wait until this is figured out.

    Others don’t have to wait so long. Say hallo to our Recycled Film Roll Magnets!

    They’ve been rescued from forgotten photo lab bins across the country and given the powers of magnetism. Each one has a super strong neodymium magnet hidden in its insides!

    Each set of three is a surprise combo of film from yesteryear -- that means every order is different. Maybe you'll get a Kodachrome, or a discontinued Portra!

    With Recycled Film Roll Magnets you’re giving someone's spent canisters a second life while pinning your fantastic photos up in a really unique way!

    How green of you.

    • Hidden magnets where the film used to be
    • Recycled film canisters turned into magnets!
    • Rescued from forgotten photo lab bins
    • Super strong neodymium magnets
    • Made by hand in 'merica

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