The Egg Carton Film Case

A carrying case that holds ten rolls of 35mm film snug and safe.

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    Where would you start if we asked you to design the perfect case to store and protect your film? Wait, don't answer: someone else did it for you!

    Bellamy Hunt, better known internet-wide as Japan Camera Hunter, has designed and built the perfect film case for all of us: The Egg Carton Film Case.

    It's safe, made of sturdy crush proof plastic, and holds ten rolls of 35mm film in its snug compartments. The close-fitting lid keeps dust and light out, and won't come off by surprise.

    It's white to reflect heat, and has been left totally blank so you can customize it however you want. Cover it in stickers, just like all the cool kids' cameras in Japan!

    Take ten rolls on your next trip without having to dig through your bag to find 'em all. Store film in the fridge without fear of drippy food. Keep one around for finished rolls and develop 'em in bunches.

    Japan Camera Hunter used his expertise, gained through years of traveling Asia in search of rare cameras and blogging about interesting photogs, to design the ultimate film holding vessel.

    Aren't you glad someone else did all that thinking for you? We sure are!

    • Designed by Japan Camera Hunter
    • Holds ten rolls of 35mm film
    • Snug lid blocks light and dust
    • Made of sturdy crush-proof plastic in heat deflecting white
    • The most compact way to transport your film
    • Perfect for travel or storage
    • 5.5 x 2.5 x 2 inches

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