The DSLR Wheel of Filters

Everyone's a winner when you're spinning for filters!



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$41.99  $20

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  • description

    Filters are magic: the right one can take an already good picture and make it ... abracadabra ... great!

    But what if you want to change filters without fumbling around with color gels and juggling multiple lenses? All you need is the DSLR Wheel of Filters. Eighteen different filters and prisms that you can change with the simple turn of a wheel!

    Just mount it directly onto your DSLR body, and snap on one of the two rotating wheels. What do you feel like today -- Filters? Wheel one has colors, dual colors, even color surrounds. Spin wheel number two for lenses: kaleidoscope lenses, macro lenses, and more.

    The fantastic plastic Holga base-lens is responsible for its distinctive lo-fi toy camera look, which is great all on its own. Add cool color filters and prisms to the mix and you've got crazy hotness.

    And don't forget: if you find one you like, you can shoot video through it, too. Both wheels together take up less room than a biscuit, so you can take them with you pretty much anywhere.

    Put a new trick up your sleeve. Well, eighteen tricks to be exact! Use slight of hand (just a slight twist really) to add a bit of magic to your photos.

    • Unique Holga lens with built-in filters and prisms
    • Filter wheels mount to your DSLR quickly and easily
    • Nine color effects: solids, half and halfs, and color surrounds
    • Nine different prisms and macro lenses
    • Just turn the wheel to change the effect
  • FAQ

    Just what filters are on this thing?

    Color Filter Wheel:
    • Solid red
    • Solid blue
    • Solid yellow
    • Green color surround
    • Red color surround
    • Yellow color surround
    • Split blue/red
    • Split green/yellow
    • Split blue/yellow
    Prism and Macro Wheel:
    • Double vision prism
    • Three way split prism
    • Four way split prism
    • Five image starburst
    • Triple vision prism
    • Bug-eye kaleidoscope
    • 250mm macro
    • 120mm macro
    • 60mm macro

    How do I mount it to my camera exactly?

    You mount it just like a regular lens! First, remove the lens you've got on there. Then, twist on the lens part of this contraption. Next, you choose between the color wheel or prism wheel and snap it on to the front of the lensy bit you already mounted.

    Can I use this with a 35mm film SLR?

    Yes you can. As long as it's a Nikon with an F mount, or a Canon with an EF or EF-S mount. So basically any Canon or Nikon (only Canon's with FD mount, made pre-1987, need not apply).

    Do you have this for my Sony? Pentax? Anything but Canon or Nikon camera?

    We wish! But, no. It's only made for Canon and Nikon cameras. Maybe if you duct tape it? No, that's probably not the best idea.

    I bought it. I love it. When I look through my viewfinder, I see pitch black. Why?

    Don't fret! You don't have a dud on your hands. The Wheel of Filters is just very particular about being lined up just so. Try taking off the filter wheel, and put it back on taking special care to ensure the lens and the filter are lined up.

  • Look what Lauren did with it!

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