DryZone Duffle

Squishy safe insides with a bright yellow protective case, like a banana.


DryZone Duffle

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    Your camera is a powerful adventurer, but it has avoided weekend camping trips since the incident back in '09.

    Misty lakes? Morning dew? Flying marshmallows? That's scary stuff.

    The DryZone Duffle is waterproof sealed and padded for protection, so your camera no longer needs to fear the great outdoors.

    Not only is the outer shell airtight and waterproof, the inside is a removable cushioned bag that protects your gear from scrapes and bumps.

    This yellow submarine of a bag is full of space for anything you wish to keep dry. It'll hold your dSLR, phone, a couple extra lenses and socks. Wet socks are the worst.

    Kayak to your heart’s content with this bright yellow bag at your side. Your camera will stay bone dry through a full underwater dunk. No joke!

    So when your boat flips in the river (again!), at least your gear will be safe. 

    • Keep your camera gear safe and dry
    • Yellow waterproof shell protects from a full underwater dunk
    • Lots of straps and loops to hook it onto your kayak or hiking buddy
    • Extra padding inside for delicate electronics
    • Will fit an SLR camera body, 2-3 lenses, battery grip + snacks
    • We took the DryZone Duffle camping in Big Sur. See our photo story of the trip!

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