The Glass Diana DSLR Lens

The lo-fi look of a medium format film, on your DSLR!


Lens & Adapter

$60  $30


Lens & Adapter

$60  $30

  • description

    You’ve had a crush on Diana since you loaded your first roll of 120mm film. But, all that money spent on film developing and time spent with your DSLR has taken it’s toll on your Diana devotion.

    It's time to rekindle the old spark with the Glass Diana DSLR Lens! It’s a glass Diana lens that’ll mount right onto your Nikon or Canon DSLR.

    This Diana lens is all grown up. It’s comprised of three coated glass elements for higher contrast and sharper focus than the unpredictable plastic Diana lenses of yore.

    Capture Diana’s signature vignetting and the extra-saturated colors with the crispness and clarity that only comes from glass. Plus, none of the hassle of film processing.

    Get a little extra sun flare in your picnic photos. Over-saturate those Christmas light shots. Shoot vignetted portraits to draw the attention in toward your subject.

    Getting photos from your DSLR to your computer is a breeze, so you’re ready to edit and share your Diana shots right quick.

    It turns out you miss the look of film. And while you were going digital, Diana grew up a bit too. She's gone and gotten herself a glass lens!

    • Adds extra-saturated colors and vignetting to your photos
    • Works with Canon and Nikon Lenses
    • Three coated glass elements give the look of lo-fi with predictable clarity
    • Four distance settings (1m, 2m, 4m and Infinity) for focus
    • Works best in full natural light
  • FAQ

    I heard that the Nikon Diana Adapters work with F-series mounts. What does that mean? Is my Nikon an F-Series mount?

    All Nikon SLRs ever made, including the very newest DSLRs, use the Nikon F-mount. Easy peasy!

    So you've got your Dreamy Diana lens: fab! Here's some helpful advice to get you shooting ...

    My adapter attaches to my camera but it won't stay put. What am I doing wrong here? Same thing with the lens to the adapter ...

    You should try twisting both just a bit further than you think they'll go and they should click into place. Even more so for the lens to adapter connection, just give it a good hard twist. (You could say the Diana Lens likes it rough *wink*)

    So I've got my lens on, but my pictures look the same. WTF. This shiz is supposed to be dreamy!

    A curious case indeed. The effects of the lens are more subtle in certain conditions. Depending on what light you're shooting with, what your exposure is, your focal length etc. Our best advice to you is to play around with the manual settings and have fun with the unpredictability of a lo-fi lens.

    The Diana (like most lo-fi cams) seems to work best with lots of sunlight, even harsh noontime sun. A photo taken in the shade won't see much change in color, but it will soften the edges and blur a tad.

    Also, a lot of Diana shots are best viewed off of your tiny camera screen, sometimes the difference is beautifully subtle.

    Everything looks good to go but my camera isn't recognizing the lens. And this makes me sad.

    As it should! Sounds like you're not shooting in manual. The Dreamy Diana Lens is just a mere plastic adapter. It has no CPU contact like a traditional lens does, so it doesn't know how to tell your camera what ISO or shutter speed to use. Which means YOU are responsible for making magic happen (setting the exposure). So put that baby in Manual, it's fun, trust us!

    Oh, and it doesn't have to be full manual either. Your camera should recognize the lens if it's in aperture priority as well. Under this setting it will consider the aperture as a fixed value and you can set the exposure by shutter speed alone.

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