The Chalkboard Speech Bubble

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    Since the beginning of time portraiture has been plagued by rigid, stiff, and downright awkward poses. It's as if the command "cheese" sends subjects into a frigid fluster. Until now!

    Introducing The Chalkboard Speech Bubble. It gives confidence to the meek, livens up even the dullest of shots, and really makes your photos talk.

    Each chalkboard is handcut and carved out of durable, eco-friendly plywood. There's even a handle on the back that makes it a cinch to pose with.

    Lay a stack of these out for your friends to doodle on and grab your camera. Take them to parties, portraits special events, even weddings - anywhere you want to bring out the fun, carefree and inventive. Mail one to your friend and write messages to each other in photos. Or do what we did, and throw a photobooth party just for kicks.

    Imagine if your parents had this thing. That wedding album would be a helluva lot more interesting, even the 100th time around.

    Zillions of kisses to the spectacular locals who came to Photojojo HQ in SF for the shoot! You can see all the photos from the event here.

    • Make your subjects loosen up, guaranteed!
    • Perfect for parties, portraits, photo booths, and weddings
    • Wipes clean with a paper towel
    • Weighs less than a pad of paper
    • Size: 13"x8"

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