The Get Into Focus Lens Mug

Cozy up with a lens of coffee.




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    We’ll never forget the first time we saw someone drinking out of our travel lens mugs. We almost called the cops to report a crime against camera humanity.

    When we realized it was all in good fun, we decided we simply could not get enough of things looking like camera lenses. You know the rest.

    That’s why we had to nab the Get Into Focus Lens Mug for ya’ll. A mug for photographers that'd rather cozy up with a lens of coffee instead of a boring old cup of joe.

    Each mug is made out of (yes) dishwasher-safe ceramic and has realistic lens details -- like a focus ring, f-stops and an AF switch.

    But they're not just for coffee! Use a Focus Mug to hold your crayons (we never outgrew our Crayolas), your dentures (sometimes we outgrow our teeth), or wine (because we’re classy like the French).

    Other uses include but are not limited to: lens hat, lens of candy, lens of plant matter, lens of water, lens of chocolate, LENS OF HAPPY.

    • Fun lens details like AF switch and focus rings
    • Dishwasher safe!
    • Made out of sturdy ceramic
    • Holds 10 oz of joe, tea, whatevs
    • No lenses were harmed in the making of this mug

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