Camera USB Drive

A camera shaped USB drive with a removable lens for toting 8GB in style.


Camera USB (Backup SKUS)

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    The stapler you picked up at MOMA is a sculptural work of art, your keyboard an ergonomic, sleek, minimalist design, your photo-holder a cleverly magnetized animal, and your pencil sharpener an antique collected from a 19th century school house.

    You are the curator, and your desk your gallery of thoughtfully hand-picked masterpieces. Most of your time's spent tip-typing away, so why not surround yourself with the most delightful of desk companions?

    ...Like the Camera USB Drive, a miniature, finely detailed replica of a DSLR with the powerful file-holding ability of 8GB!

    Just like a real DSLR, the lens detaches from the camera body. But lo, what is this? The lens is a USB stick, a most unique and stylish device for getting your photos and files from Point A to Point B (and even C and D!).

    Forget boring rectangular flash drives, bulky external hard drives, or worse yet, carrying your photos around on your ridonkulously weighty camera.

    A most perfecto design for delivering photos, this little camera-shaped USB serves double duty - translating millions of tiny information particles and completing your craftily curated desk gallery.

    • Will make you smile with every use!
    • Finely detailed in shape of a DSLR
    • Truly unique and stylish
    • 8 GB of space!
    • Stand-out way to present portfolio
    • Compatible with PCs and Macs
    • 2" wide, 1.25" tall

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