The Amazing Phone Charger that Works Without an Outlet!

The Bolt ? Wall Charger & Backup Battery in One!


Bolt Charger

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    The Bolt Charger is the candy-bar-in-your-desk-drawer-that-cures-your-afternoon-slump ... of phone accessories. Only it doesn’t melt. Erm, metaphors are confusing, let’s try that again ...

    The Bolt Charger is a backup battery for your smartphone that's here to blow all other backup batteries out of the water.

    Not only does The Bolt Charger store twice as much power as most pocket-sized batteries, it also charges straight from a wall socket. That means there's no need to leave your device plugged in while it juices up.

    No cords, no cables, just your Bolt and a standard every day, joe schmo two prong outlet.

    Just plug it into the wall to store up a charge, then put it in your bag for when your phone runs out of photo-taking power. When that inevitable moment comes just use your every day USB cable to recharge.

    The Bolt's smooth, rubberized exterior hides a 3000 mAh Li-Ion battery. In English, that means it will charge phones back up to 100% in no time.

    Best part? You can charge The Bolt and your phone at the same time. Just plug them both into the wall like you'd do with an ordinary wall charger. Your phone is charged in no time, and the Bolt saves a charge for later too.

    It'll even store a charge for over a week (!) That's enough time to power it up at home, trek the Amazon for 7 days, then juice it to take a selfie with an Anaconda on your way home.

    Got a better metaphor for all that?

    Works Great With...
    • Portable charger and wall-adapter in one
    • Prongs fold out to plug into the wall, then fold in to get out of the way
    • Recharges your phone as quickly as a plain ol' wall socket
    • Stores enough juice to charge your phone all the way back to 100%
    • LED lights let you know how much power you have
    • Just 3 x 1.5 x 1" (that's basically a pack of gum) fits in your pocket
    • A Kickstarter success!

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