The Bikepod

A tripod on wheels! (just B Y O Wheels)

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    What do you mean you haven't been introduced?! Bike, meet Camera. Camera, meet Bike.

    You're sure to be fast friends now, thanks to the Bikepod: a tripod mount that fits around your bike's handlebars.

    Turn your whole bike into a tripod! The Bikepod is adjustable and won't scratch your handlebars. Since it's made of metal and cork, the Bikepod can take a rough ride while it holds securely onto your camera or camera phone. Plus, it's got a quick release that makes it easy to take with you when you've parked.

    Take a timelapse of your favorite trail or your daily commute. Have your camera at the ready -- no more digging through your bag on the sidewalk. You can even use your bike as a dolly for smooth video panning!

    Sometimes there's just nothing better than getting two of your previously unacquainted besties together.

    Works Great With...
    • A quick-release tripod mount for bicycles
    • Adjusts easily without scratching handlebars
    • Standard tripod mount suitable for point & shoots, M43 cameras, DSLR's with small lenses and camera phones
    • The GripTight clamp works with any mobile device 3" wide and under
    • Fits handlebars sized 22-29mm
    • Made in Japan by robots with superpowers

    *Bike not included, duh
    Tested with...
    • Apple

      • iPod 4/5
      • iPhone 4/4s
      • iPhone 5/5c/5s
    • Samsung

      • Samsung Galaxy S4
      • Galaxy S3
      • Galaxy S2
      • Galaxy Note
      • Samsung Nexus 2
      • Samsung Captiva
      • Samsung Droid - Charge
      • Samsung Intensity 2
    • LG

      • Lucid by LG
      • LG Nexus 4
      • Optimus G
      • Optimus G Pro
      • LG Venice
    • HTC

      • HTC Evo 4G/4G LTE
      • HTC One
      • HTC One X
      • HTC Droid Incredible
      • Droid DNA
      • Windows Phone 8x
    • Motorola

      • Droid Razr & razr maxx
      • Droid X
      • Razr M
      • Photon Q
      • Atrix HD
    • Google

      • Nexus 7
      • Nexus 4
      • Nexus One
      • Photon Q
      • Atrix HD
    • Nokia

      • Nokia N900
      • Lumia 822
    • Blackberry

      • z10
      • bold 9900
      • bold 9800
    • Sony

      • Sony Xperia Z

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