Battery Buddy

Portable power to charge your phone five times!


Battery Buddy

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    All that fresh and colorful juice you drink up each morning gives you energy for the day. Too bad your phone putters out before you do.

    Get your phone a Battery Buddy, the power source it needs to stay energized! This adorable little guy charges your phone up to 5 times before he needs a recharge and comes in three fresh flavors: Strawberry, Kale and Latte.

    Plug your charge cable into one of two USB ports on the side to charge your phone. Yeah we said two! Use both to charge two devices at once or share with a friend.

    Bring the Battery Buddy with you for an instant recharge while you wander the farmer’s market or sit and enjoy a smoothie at a café. He'll outlast your weekend adventures on the road, with tons of charging capacity and a sweet face that'll happily squeeze into any bag.

    The charge from a Battery Buddy will give your phone all the essential daily energy it needs and you’ll be ready too ... right when that sugar rush hits.

    Works Great With...
    • Always have the power of cute to charge your phone
    • Fully charge your phone up to 5 times
    • Has two USB ports so you can share with a friend
    • Great for camping or weekend trips
    • Includes a micro USB chord to charge itself and any micro USB havin’ gadgets you’ve got
    • LED lights show how much charge is left
    • 4.5 x 3 x 1 inches. Just about the size of a deck of cards!
    • Super powerful 10400 mAh battery

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