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The Best Gifts for
Android Photographers

A studio in your pocket!

Instagram #Necklaces

Wear Instagram around your neck. More →


Ten-Digit Touchscreen Gloves

Gloves that let you use all ten fingers on your touchscreen device! More →


Phoneography Starter Kit

Everything a budding phoneographer needs in one adorably giftable pouch. More →


Phone-o-Chrome Color Filter

A credit card-sized filter that adds dreamy gradients to your phone photos. More →


The Pocket Spotlight

A continuous light source that fits in the palm of your hand. More →


Macro Cell Lens Band

Shockingly detailed phone shots at the snap of a band! More →


ChargeCard & ChargeKey

A USB charging cable that fits in your wallet or on your keychain is always there when you need it. More →

$10 - $25

Phoneography 101

We started a University! Enroll to get fun, simple lessons in your inbox chock full of phoneography wisdom. More →


Dream Scope Filter Kit

A universal mount for any phone that'll attach it to a tripod and it comes with 3 rainbowy dreamy stackable swirlable filters More →



Keep all of your cords and phone accessories in one fancy, rolled up package. More →


The Smartphone Spy Lens

A 90° periscoping lens that lets you take photos on the sly. More →


Photojojo's Phone Lenses

Pro-quality glass lenses that work on any phone. iPhone, Android, iPads, iPods, and more! More →

$20 - $115

The Glif

An elegantly engineered, infinitely flexible, tiny little stand & tripod mount for your camera phone More →

$12 - $30

Jelly Camera Phone Filters

Three reusable sticky lenses that make your camera phone photos even nuttier. More →


Nova Wireless Flash

Add the exact color and brightness of flash you want. Syncs with phones via bluetooth. More →


Luxi for All Light Meter

Slip Luxi onto your phone to turn it into a light meter, and make manual mode easy to use More →


The Jump Cable

A 2-in-1 backup battery and charging cord that fits in your pocket. More →


Micro Fiber Lens Cleanse Patches

Iron a Lens Cleanse Patch onto your clothes or bag for ever present cleaning power. More →


The Instax Printer

Bring your phone pics into the palm of your hand with this simple, wireless, take-anywhere printer More →

$22 - $199

The Power Wallet

A handy and fashionable wallet with a backup battery for your phone hidden within. More →


The Muku Wireless Shutter Remote

Take photos on your Android or iPhone from up to 30 feet away. More →


100% Energy Apple Juice Power Pack

A battery pack that will give your phone a 100% charge anytime and a 100% smile every time. More →


The Bolt Charger

What if your phone charger could charge you up without an outlet?! DONE! More →


Sweet Spot Phone Lens

A magnetic tilt-shift style lens that attaches to your phone for super dramatic blur and creative control. More →


Tassel Charging Cable Keychain

A cute fashion statement with a hidden charging cable inside More →


GorillaPod Mobile

The bendy sturdy GorillaPod tripod and your phone, together at last! More →


The Handleband Bike Mount

A sturdy silicone and aluminum smartphone mount for your bike. More →


Future Eyes Kaleidoscope Glasses

Look into the future with these fractured prism glasses. More →


Battery Buddy

The cutest looking back up battery you’ll ever see. It charges your phone up to 5 times! More →


The Keyprop

The lightest, most portable smartphone stand yet. More →


The Mighty Mic

Record great sounding (not background noisy) audio right on your mobile phone cam without messing with it in post. More →


Polaroid Zip Instant Mobile Printer

Print photos from your phone anywhere with this pocket-size printer. More →

$25 - $179.99

Alite + Photojojo Adventure Gift Pack

An adventure-minded collab with Alite brings you a perfect waterproof picnic mat and our Gorillapod Mobile. More →


Eye-Fi Wireless SD Card

New Eye-Fi Mobi and Pro SD cards send photos from your camera to your phone or computer, wirelessly. More →

$29.95 - $79.95

Game of Phones

Play this part card game/part scavenger hunt with your friends *and* their phones. More →


Mobile Lighting Kit

Never be a victim to bad lighting again with a Mobile Lighting Kit. More →


Handy Motorized Phone Stabilizer

Get rid of shaky videos for good with the Fly-X3 rig for your smartphone. More →


Li'l Laser Smart Projector

A powerful, portable projector that streams anything from your phone. More →


Shipping in the USA starts at just $2.50. (And FREE over $50!)