More specifically, we scour the internets, rip pages out of magazines, ransack our friends' closets, and go through dumpsters to find the very best photo tips, DIY projects, and gear.

Oh, you want the whole story? Well...

Way back in April 2006 Amit was walking down the street one day in Brooklyn with his pal Kara when they started talking about all the fun stuff you can do with photos. Kara knew about all sorts of stuff that Amit didn't, and Amit knew about stuff Kara didn't.

Woah! They each realized there's so much insanely cool stuff you can do with photos that they didn't even know about!

So they ran to Gorilla coffee, hunkered down with two iced beverages and a rice krispie treat, and made a list of all the great photo ideas they could think of.

It was a long list.

A few months later, Photojojo was born. Ever since, Amit and a host of contributors have been spending their days looking for the coolest photo stuff ever, and sending it out twice a week!

Want to contribute?

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And if you've got a great photo DIY project you'd like to write about for Photojojo, drop us a line about that, too.

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